Calendar Girls (2012)

Calendar Girls 2012SYNOPSIS
Calendar Girls is based on the true story of eleven Women’s Institute members who posed naked for a calendar to raise money for the Leukaemia Research fund. It is the very poignant story of the response by these women to the death of the husband of one of their members.

The play allows us to watch each woman’s journey through their individual past and present experiences. As the calendar achieves success the tensions and friendships between the women changes as their fame reaches far and wide.

The most famous scene of the play is the taking of the nude photos but this forms a small part of this brilliantly written story and play. ‘In the best possible taste’ no nudity will be viewed by the audience.

Above all it is a story of love and friendship, bringing a captivating experience of pathos, humour and humanity at its best.

Director: Lynne Smart-Steel
Co-Director: Gale Smith
Chris: Sarah Jane Vincent
Annie: Helen Andrews
Celia: Collette Wighton
Ruth: Elayne Teague
Jessie: Linda McMahon
Cora: Lea Stock
Marie: Pat Bittlestone
Lawrence: Paul Le Blanc Smith
John / Liam: Geoff Brown
Lady Cravenshire / Brenda: Kay Angell
Rod: Brian Hulme
Elaine: Charlotte Pennington
Stage Production: Steve Egginton
Sound/Lighting: Peter Maygar
Costumes: Sally Jones
Front of House: Alison Green

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